A Cool Breeze on Folly

anyone who has visited Charleston in the month of july knows how EXCRUCIATING the heat can be. The ocean breeze seems to DISSIPATE, and the heat index can reach TEMPERATURES in excess of 105 degrees f. Yesterday morning i awoke to a cool summer breeze, a feeling a havnt felt since the month of march.

THE was like seeing an old friend, a “cool” old friend who you have missed dearly. Days like this are welcomed with open arms by both our guides and our customers. While we do enjoy THE, we can forget about what the majority of days are like. The heat is a hurdle that the guides must overcome on a day to day basis, not only for the benefit of themselves but also to keep our guest happy. Each of our trips include things such as ice cold gatorade and water, and fast boats that create there own cool breeze when moving spot to spot. Although these things help, customers must come dressed appropriately to deal with the heat. Jeans or a long sleave cotton shirt ISN’T going to cut it!

Captain Austin dressed for the sun! Notice the sunhat, long sleeve sun shirt, and breathable board shorts

We urge guest to invest in a good sun shirt, one made out of polyester that breathes SUFFICIENTLY, is long sleeve, and drys quickly. Also a large brimmed sun is never a bad idea. As far a pants go i always RECOMMEND a bathing suit, as they seem to breathe good and they give you the ability to “rinse” yourself down with the hose freshwater to cool of, and dry quickly. Also dont forget things such as sunscreen and lip balm!

Dont be that guy that comes dressed in long pants, or the girl in a SPAGHETTI strap that forgets sunscreen and ends up the color of a firetruck at the end of the day. Come prepared and enjoy your day experiencing the beauty and incredibly diverse fishery this Folly beach and the Charleston area has to offer!

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