Mahi Run May in Charleston

During the month of May the Mahi Mahi are running through the gulfstream off the coast of Charleston. This is the absolute best month to jump onboard a center console or sport fisher and head 40-50 miles offshore. These are some of the most action packed fishing charters that you can get. Dodging weed lines and having 3 to 4 Mahi’s on at a time…now thats some serious excitement! At the end of these charters you can come home with a cooler full of meat from catching 10 to 30 Mahi’s just in one day. Mahi have many names such as dolphin, mahi-mahi, and el dorados. They can range in size from “slingers” which are 1-2 feet long and can easily be slung into the boat to “bulls” which are the big boys ranging from 20 to 50+ pounds and have a large head. We can’t wait to have some fun next May! Don’t wait too late…book now!

Live Mahi action!

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